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There are those who have coped fairly well through the past year. Their mental health is ok, they’re safe, their income hasn’t been affected, and they’ve managed to stay connected to friends and family.  

For countless others though, this is not the case. Anxiety, uncertainty, loneliness, fear, despair and stress have had a huge impact in their lives. The effects on many people have been enormous, and it’s often not pretty.  

Everyone deserves to have hope. Now more than ever. The COVID-19 vaccine offers some hope. It won’t mean an instant easing of all we’re dealing with, but it is an incredible first step.  

I know there are people who are hesitant to get the vaccine. Everyone handles things differently. A mass vaccination like this is new, it’s different, and unprecedented.  

But I know this for sure: personally, I’m all in on receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. I’m not on the fence. Not even a little bit.  

Calling my parents and hearing that they received their first dose brought me some peace.  

Most of all, I know that supporting the COVID-19 vaccine is one small – yet also massive – way I can offer people hope.  

Stay safe. Look after yourself. Better days ahead.

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