Spring Bivalent Booster

Some people in Manitoba are now eligible for a spring COVID-19 bivalent booster. 

This includes:

  • All adults 65+
  • First Nation, Métis and Inuit people 45+
  • Residents in assisted living facilities and personal care homes
  • Immunocompromised adults 18+ 

This spring booster dose should be given six months after your last dose. For more information about eligibility, timing and other vaccine recommendations, visit:

Recommended COVID-19 vaccines include:

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All adults age 18 and over are eligible to receive a primary COVID-19 vaccine series, which usually consists of two doses.

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If for any reason the COVID-19 bivalent booster is not preferred, booster doses for the original strain of COVID-19 are available. A booster can only be given if you have received the primary series vaccine. A waiting period is recommended between the completion of the primary series and booster dose.

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It is recommended that all adults get a bivalent booster dose. You must have received the primary series vaccine before receiving your booster dose. A waiting period is recommended between the completion of the primary series and booster dose.

Safe & Effective Vaccine

Health Canada has approved a COVID-19 bivalent vaccine for people aged 12 to 17. The new bivalent vaccine will provide broader protection against the two different COVID-19 strains, the original version of the virus as well as the omicron variant.

As immunity against COVID decreases over time, it is important to get a booster dose of the vaccine. Even if you have had a COVID infection, that immunity will also wane over time. That’s why it’s important to get a booster dose — to recharge your immunity. The bivalent booster dose provides better protection than the original booster dose.

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What is a Bivalent Vaccine?

The original COVID-19 vaccines are what is called monovalent – mono meaning one. They were made to protect against one strain of the COVID virus, the original strain. Since then, other variants of COVID have evolved, the omicron variant being the most predominant, and strains from it continue to spread in Manitoba.

The new bivalent vaccine — bi meaning two – has been developed for the original strain and omicron strain. This provides the broadest protection possible, and not just against those 2 strains but against other variants of the virus that are similar.

The annual flu shot is comparable. Every year, the flu shot is developed to target strains of influenza that are expected to be dominant that year, usually three of them.

The original versions of the COVID vaccine were the best we had available, they were safe and effective and helped to save lives. If, for any reason, individuals would like to receive the original booster dose, those will continue to be available. Visit eligibility criteria for more information.

Waiting Period After Booster or Infection

It is recommended that individuals wait six months from the last dose of vaccine or COVID-19 infection. This recommendation is due to clinical studies showing you get the best immune response, or the best protection, if the time frame between doses is a bit longer.

However, understanding that some individuals may be at increased risk of getting severely ill with COVID-19, individuals can book their bivalent booster if at least three months from the last dose of vaccine or infection.

Paired with Flu Vaccine

The bivalent vaccine can be given at the same time as other immunizations, including the seasonal flu vaccine, once it becomes available this fall.

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