Garth Deleske, Vax to Win Lottery Winner

GARTH DELESKE, Vax to Win Lottery Winner

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Winner of the Vax to Win Lottery

It’s hard to keep a straight face when you’ve just won $100-grand! When I heard, I was working at my job in the tire industry. I wasn’t supposed to tell anybody, but I couldn’t stop myself from doing a happy dance in the middle of the tire compound.

I had my first shot—AstraZeneca—in April, before the lottery was announced. The FreshCo pharmacy close to my Winnipeg home called and said, “You’re on our list to get the shot, would you like to come in?” My immune system is compromised due to medication that I take so I was eligible. After my first shot my arm was sore and I felt fatigued. My second shot was Pfizer and my arm felt sore again. 

I got immunized to protect myself and my family against COVID-19. The media and doctors have been saying it’s what we should do to get out of this pandemic. Being immunized also means I can visit my mother-in-law, who will be moving into a personal care home.

My wife and I plan to celebrate winning the lottery with a small family dinner at our house. I want to use the money to redo the driveway. I’ll give some to my son and daughter who are 20-somethings.

For people who haven’t been immunized, I would say, go get your shot. It just takes a little time out of your day. If you do it, you could be the next guy or gal who wins the lottery!

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