Jessi Bittner, Immunizer, Paramedic

Jessi Bittner, Paramedic

There isn’t a single person out there who’s life hasn’t been affected by COVID. Me personally, I had COVID back in November. Luckily I was symptom free, but it goes to show that even someone who is 23, healthy and complies to all social distancing and mask wearing rules can’t escape this virus. I had to self-isolate multiple times due, both from having the virus, and from having been exposed to it. It has all taken a toll on my mental health. Not being able to go to work, see friends or family, go to the gym, or even outdoors, has been a real strain. It seems like my entire life has slowed down.

This is a time in my life, having graduated, when I’m eager to start living a full life, but now I feel like I’m almost at a complete stop. It has been harder than I ever could’ve imagined. When I compare my life to how the virus has affected other people’s lives, I know it’s not as dramatic. But it shows that everyone, and I mean there isn’t a single person whose life hasn’t been affected by COVID-19.

Jessi Bittner, Paramedic

I am honoured to be a part of the Manitoba COVID-19 Immunization Team. I worked at the RBC Convention Center, the Northern Clinic, and as part of the FIT team immunizing people at 38 personal care homes in Winnipeg. It excites me knowing that we are moving fast, trying to get to the more vulnerable populations first, knowing eventually everyone will get their turn at a vaccine.

This is new to all of us, we are learning as we go and Shared Health has been doing a great job organizing the clinic and training. Conditions are alway changing and we have to be flexible and constantly adjust the way we do things as we get new information. We try new things, see what works and what does. We take feedback from all staff, clients, homes we visit and adjust future plans accordingly. I feel glad that I can be part of the solution, to help us all return back to our full and normal lives.

What I’ve seen happen over the last few months has been the definition of teamwork. Health care professionals from every profession are stepping up to help the fight against COVID-19. It’s amazing to see, amazing to be a part of. 

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