John Lyons, VAX to WIN Lottery

John Lyons, VAX to WIN Lottery

Prairie Mountain Health Authority Winner of the Vax to Win Lottery

I was totally shocked to win this lottery. I buy lottery tickets once in a blue moon, and I won $20 once. This is a little bit of a bigger prize!

My wife and I went to get vaccinated together at the Western Medical Clinic in Brandon. It didn’t hurt. I didn’t even know they stuck the needle in me.

I’ve never gotten a flu shot before, but COVID is different. I got vaccinated because my wife’s not in very good health and the doctor recommended we should both get vaccinated. I also did it to protect our grandkids and great-grandkids. Plus, the sooner we get the shot, the sooner everyone can open up their stores and get back to a normal life.

I grew up helping my Dad on the farm, working from sunup to sundown, and I never had much money. Now I’m retired. I have two kids, eight grandkids and 14 great-grandkids. I joke that it keeps you busy and your wallet empty. I’ll use the lottery winnings to pay off bills and help the kids a little. I drive a 25-year-old beater of a truck and I’m happy with it. I won’t be buying a new one.

I got the needles twice, so I’m thinking maybe I can win the lottery a second time when they draw again in September. Wouldn’t that be great!

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