Trent Fingler, Vax to Win Lottery Winner

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Winner of the Vax to Win Lottery

I was surprised and rather skeptical when I got the call that I had won the Vax to Win Lottery. I had actually forgotten about the Vax to Win lottery altogether. Once it really sunk in, I felt reassured that I now had some extra financial security for the future.

For my work I do occasional interior painting in Winnipeg, and I having a personal interest in science, medicine and technology and decided to get vaccinated in May. I was vaccinated for COVID-19 because I trust the science, and the medical experts who have dedicated their life’s work to understanding and combatting these kinds of illnesses. Vaccines have been proven safe and successful for decades. For example, vaccines for polio and measles have been shown to be effective, and these kinds of measures are necessary to combat viruses and spreadable diseases. 

I was vaccinated with two Pfizer shots at the Leila Super-Site. With my first dose, I had a rough, dry throat. With my second dose I felt as if I were getting over a cold. The way I see it, the side effects just showed my body was building an immune response, so I felt confident the vaccine was doing its job.

Winning the lottery is a big deal for me, but I’m not one to go out and buy something immediately. I’ll wait a while, and plan to put the money to better use down the line.

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